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Actual real slope and bandwidth values in Pro-Q3 solo mode

Hey guys!

Could somebody tell me the real slope and bandwidth values for Pro-Q3 solo mode? From what I hear they are not the same as you specify in the settings of an EQ point or I'm wrong?


Vitalii Stepchenko

Hi Vitalii,

The slope and bandwidth of a band in solo should match the settings of the solo'd band. When you have a band in solo and hold command to change the bandwidth, you should hear the bandwidth change in the solo'd frequency.

Basically what happens when you solo a bell filter, is that the bell will get a boost and is being combined with a phase flipped uneq'ed signal. The difference between the two leaves you with the solo'd band.


Ralph Verdult

I see, thank you very much, Ralph!

Vitalii Stepchenko
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