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Triode/Diode algorithms from Culture Vulture for Saturn 2

Please consider adding this to Saturn 2

Luis Rodriguez

Hi Luis,

Thank you for your feedback. I think our tube algorithms already provide you with a close approximation of tube clipping. Whether pentode or triode are a bit tricky in the digital domain. I think pentode or triode simply refers to driving the tube under full or half power, making the sound a bit less articulate and more driven in triode. If you want to recreate this is Saturn 2, choose a tube setting, drive the input harder and mess around with the dynamics knob.

I think diode clipping is a very broad term for all kinds of different clipping devices (germanium, silicon etc etc.). Could you refer me to a specific sound you like that uses diode clipping?

Thanks in advance!

Maarten de Boer

Its hard to specify a sound that uses Diode Clipping. I have Decapitator and I use it with my 808 bass sounds in T or P mode. The problem with Decapitator is its not apple silicon compatible. So I switched over to Saturn. I will try your suggestion. I have to do more research on the Culture Vulture to better understand why so many seek that type of sound.

Luis Rodriguez
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