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Pro-Q 3 | Solo Feature

Hi Team,

I've just been testing out Pro-Q 3, and have come across a missing feature/shortcut that I believe would assist with workflow greatly.

Solo Shortcuts Feature:

Currently, to solo in Pro-Q3 you must; double click to create a band, hover over the band, click/hold headphone icon, then sweep through the frequencies. This can be fairly time consuming when compared to other EQs.

For example, Ozone 9 EQ allows you to solo by holding Alt+Click anywhere on the spectrum/freq chart. This quick keyboard shortcut is such a time saver and is very intuitive to the user.
It also has the benefit of not requiring the user to use up a frequency band. You can just Alt+Click anywhere and solo to your hearts content, all without creating or altering the position of your frequency bands!

I believe adding a shortcut like Alt+Click would make solo'ing an absolute dream to use in Pro-Q 3!

If this is already a feature in Pro-Q 3 that I may have overlooked, please let me know.

Kind regards,


I'm in total agreement with this. I'm slowly abandoning Izotope products in favor of other developers, but the ability to simply alt click on the spectrum for basic searching around in Ozone is a huge timesaver compared to how I experience as a user of Pro Q 3.

FF, please consider adding this type of option in the future as it would be warmly welcomed.


Yes, please add this feature!

This would also solve an issue with close EQ points:

Quite often in dialogue editing I end up with very close EQ points (e.g. one with high Q for cutting a resonance and another at a close frequency but with low Q for some timber adjustment).
Then it's sometimes impossible to click the solo button, because trying to do so makes popping up the parameter display of the close point.

Best regards

Till Wimmer


And there is also another sub-issue: the headphone icon is available only via the floating parameter display. If a user has it turned off, there is no way to solo a band.

Brano Fabry

Good ideas! We'll consider them for a future Pro-Q update.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I just wanted to second moving ALL the optional buttons to main bar as a backup, because when overlapping frequencies are too close, you can't get to them in the floating window without switching to the band you dont want. Very frustrating when this occurs, which is more than I'd like to share.

Also, a solo option that acts just like a band, but isnt, with width control, would be clutch!

Ma Ja
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