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Volcano 3 not loading the Volcano 2 presets

I upgraded Volcano 2 to Volcano 3, and installed it in a Mac OS X Catalina. I kept the Volcano 2 version installed. I realised that Volcano 3 has the "V2 Presets" folder, but when I open it, it shows it as empty. The Volcano 2 VST remains installed and working normally with its presets there when open through Volcano 2.

Checked the permissions and sharing of the "Presets" folder inside the Users Library folder, set all with "Read & Write" but the issue remains.

Any clue on what can it be?

Daniel Chiuratto Seabra

Hi Daniel,

it could have something to do with the names of your preset folders. Could you send us a screenshot of your folders to info@fabfilter.com?


Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)
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