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Timeless 3 Delay Time Modulation very limited

When I hook an XLFO or equiv to modulate delay time the maximum movement I get is very limited. Let's say it oscilates between 12:00 and 13:00 on an analogue clock max.
Which just seems odd, as though it should just modulate along the entire parameter range.
Is this planned? Is it a bug?

Thought I'd ask here before calling it in. Been scratching my head about it for a while.


I just tested it and I can only agree that it would make sense to be able to modulate the entire range. Unfortunately... we can't easily make that change in a bug-fix update since it would change the sound of existing sessions that use automation on a slot level parameter.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hmmm. Work around it is then.
Thanks all the same Frederik


With the modulators of Btiwig Studio it is no problem to modulate the entire range.

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