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[Reaper, Windows 10] VST-3 Plugins Crashing When Instantiated on Ultrawide Monitor

I had downloaded the most recent version of Pro-Q 3 Pro-R and Pro-C 2 to my new machine yesterday. When instances of these plugins are instantiated on my ultrawide monitor (1440p), the plugin UI freezes and Reaper crashes.

When instantiating an instance of these plugins on a monitor that is not ultrawide, however, they function as expected and can be dragged onto the ultrawide screen and function as expected. This is a very tedious workflow that is very prone to user error.

In the troubleshooting I have done so far, this appears to be an issue specific to Fab Filter GUI as plugins from other manufacturers function on the ultrawide monitor as expected. Perhaps there is a setting that I am missing somewhere?

Thank you in advance for the assistance!

Ronny Mraz

Hi Ronny,

Are you on Mac or Windows? What OS version are you using? Could you see if the installer below causes the same issue:


Hi Ralph,

Thanks for you reply! I am on Windows 10 Business 21H1 (I apologize if that was unclear from the title of the post). Also using the plugins inside of the Reaper DAW

Because I am on windows, I can't download and run the .dmg file you had linked. I would need a .exe file.

Ronny Mraz

One other thing I found is if I load the plugin without UI elements, it loads and fine. But upon enabling the plugin UI while on the ultrawide monitor, it crashes Reaper

Ronny Mraz

It turns out that the issue happens whenever a plugin instance is instantiated on whichever monitor is not the primary monitor (ultrawide or not). Was able to "solve" this issue by making the ultrawide monitor my primary monitor. However, the core issue is still persistent on Windows 10 (this does not happen on mac)

Ronny Mraz
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