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Music project with Q2 but I have Q3

Hello, I downloaded project which is using plugin Q2 but I have bought Q3. The DAW is saying that I need to use Q2. Can anyone help me? I thought that Q3 can replace Q2.

Thank you for help.

Michal Hosnedl

I already saw this topic without solution :(


Michal Hosnedl

You can download legacy versions of the plugins here: www.fabfilter.com/support/downloads

Different versions can be installed together. Q2 -> Q3 migration is non-existing though, I've just started using Q3 in new projects.


Hi Michal,

Pro-Q 3 can load presets made with Pro-Q, but it can not automatically replace all Pro-Q 2 instances in a session.

Your account automatically offers you a license key for earlier versions of plug-ins that you own. First log into your account: www.fabfilter.com/myaccount

Click 'View license key' next to your most recent order for a plug-in, e.g. Pro-Q 3. Then, click on 'View license keys for earlier versions' in the top-right corner of the page. The license keys for earlier versions will now be displayed.

You can download all earlier plug-in versions here:

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)
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