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Pro-L2 vst3 latency when off

I'm experiencing around 100ms of latency from my pro-L2 which is switched OFF in Ableton. If I delete the device, the latency is gone. My understanding is that a VST3 is not supposed to contribute to latency when switched OFF. Is this incorrect? It's quite annoying to have to delete the device completely if I want to record something.


That's the way Live works... It maintains the latency, which kind of makes sense when you consider that you can automate the on/off state of a device.
Anyway, not much Fabfilter can do about that I assume...


Hi Sean,

Bram is correct. When a plug-in is set to off in Ableton, it it still active. Basically the signal still passes through the plug-in, but the plug-in is bypassed. The plug-in latency will also be applied, otherwise you would get nasty ticks if you would automate the on/off state of a plug-in.

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)
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