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How can display and edit only left or right channel in the Pro Q 3?


How is it possible to only edit and see left or right channel ?. when have more left and right EQ then it is hard to see and choose the correct EQ. so it is very usefull when switch the display so only left or right or mid or side can see


I mean when have left and right EQ in 1 plugin


Hi Benny,

At the moment the analyzer of Pro-Q 3 shows a mono sum of Left and Right. It's not possible to see the difference between left and right, other then in the output meter on the right.

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)


I mean not the analyzer i mean the eq settings im gtaphic. I notice when i move the mouse over left EQ this happen also when i click on left EQ knob then the right EQ knobs are in brightness reduce. but when i move with mouse away from a left EQ knob then both channels are show and i have still a left EQ select. maybe there is a way that the selection of left curve stay as long i have a left EQ select ? . when i want see both then i can deselect left. or a setting for the analyzer and the EQ that it can set by hand to left or right EQ

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