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Slider range and name

Hey there,

Issue A:
I find it quite hard to automate a slider, which goes from 0...1 in Reaper in Reapers automation lane, since the values can go from -1 to 1, as it seems, even if I set the Fabfilter slider to 0...1.

Issue B:
The plugin seem not to report the name of the control to the DAW.

Both issue can be seen on this screenshot I tried to arrange for you, hehe:


Will this be improved or is this even a bug? Or am I doing something wrong here at all?

Happening in Reaper v6.45. Thanks for your reply. Have a nice day!

Manuel Senfft

Hi Manuel,

Both good points! You can select the slider range between 0...1 and -1...1. The underlying parameter has a range from -1 to 1, which is why Reaper shows it this way. We would have to investigate whether it is possible to dynamically change the parameter min/max values (I suspect this is not possible). And likewise for the parameter name.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi Frederik,

thanks for your answer! Looking forward to what will happen regarding this issue. (=

Sorry for my late reply ... I did not notice the reply. This forum could need a mail notification. (-;

Have a great day!


Manuel Senfft
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