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Q3 malfunction

I have a problem with Q3 for a long time already. From time to time (quite frequent), I suddenly don't hear one of the channels. Took me time to figure out, but I realized it has to do with the Q3. If I turn it off on that channel, I again hear the channel. So what I need to do, is to open the Q3, and manually type in all the frequencies to hear the channel again with the Q3.
It's as if the frequencies changed somehow (something like a highcut at 0 or something) that makes the channel non audible. Even though visually, it looks like nothing has changed. But still only typing the frequencies again fix this.
This happens on all sorts of channels and on a daily basis. Really annoying and frustrating.
Another behavior which is more rare, but might be related is that suddenly one of the channels turns into a very loud noise. in extreme volume that really hurts. I found that this also comes for Q3. when I look at it, it seems like someone added a frequency with insanely high gain. I also see this visually on the spectrum. Even though there is no frequency setup for it. In those cases, I can only add another Q3 and set it up from scratch.
It really makes Q3 not usable for me.
I am using Ableton Live 10.
Do anyone else have the same issues? How can this be fixed?

Raul Ron

As a dev it's alsways good to have some reproducible issues. So maybe you should try to find out what steps are needed to reproduce this behaviour.

Also: are there any control links / CC links in Ableton (I don't know how this DAW works ...) which are linked to Pro-Q 3, which might cause changes in the plugin?

Did you disable MIDI stuff on the bottom left of the plugin? Maybe this is enabled and Ableton is sending notes into the plugin?

Manuel Senfft

Hi Raul,

There was an issue in Ableton, that the frequencies of some filters crawled up when a session was left idle for a really long time (hours or a day). This has been resolved a few updates ago. Could you check if you are running the latest version of Pro-Q 3 and update of you are not running the latest version?

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)
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