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Resizable GUI's for all Plugins PLZ!!!!!!

Hi guys,
i updated all my plugins and have nearly all your plugins but i miss still PRO L, DS, G etc. to have resizable guis like Volcano 3 etc. where you can just resize it also with your mouse :)



Hi Robby,

Some of the plug-ins that are slightly older indeed do not yet have resizable GUI's. When those plug-ins are ready for a major update we'll include resizing options for those as well.

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)


but please make it freely resizable like Valhalla does it. So much better than the unflexible predefined sizes..


I'd just like to second this request - while the GUI does get bigger, the text and knobs do not, so the bigger GUI is not really that helpful in something like Pro L2.

I'm demoing ProQ3 and the writing is all too small when I sit behind faders and a keyboard (on old school ACD 30").

Please implement proper, scalable GUIs where the text and controls are bigger, too!



Eddie Al-Shakarchi

Hi Ed,

Our philosophy is that the size of UI elements in our interfaces should match the size of all other UI elements in the OS and in your DAW. Therefore we respect the display scaling factor set in Windows (on Mac this works automatically). In our opinion, resizing the interface should provide more workspace, not just enlarge everything.

However, we get that some people would like the option to enlarge the interface and we're looking into adding that in the future as a scaling/resizing option.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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