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Pro-Q 3

Hello, I purchased my q3 a while back. I just got a new pc & I am having trouble to get the .aax to load. It will work in Fl Studio but no in Pro Tools. It says i don't have a valid .aax file when I clearly downloaded & purchased from FabFilter. This has never happened & i've tried just about everything. What do I do?

Myson Childs

Hi Myson,

Could you send us an email to info@fabfilter.com with your system details? We'll have a look why Pro Tools is not able to load the plug-ins.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Does Pro Q work well with guitars recorded with multi-effects processors?
I have this one and I don't know if it's better than guitar amp sims.


Hi James,

Pro-Q 3 should work fine with guitars with effects.

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)

i sent an email but never hear back

Myson Childs

Hi Myson,

We replied to your email on June 3rd. I've just sent another email this morning.

Ralph Verdult (FabFilter)
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