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Timeless 3 channel split

Hey there,

I am studying some basic level stuff at the moment after years of making music. Now the task I have to fulfill requires putting a delay on a piano. They used Timeless 2 and I just bought Timeless 3 and so far I cannot manage to rebuild the effect they have explained pretty well. It should be pretty easy, I know, but I just bought T3 and my deadline for the mix is way over yet...
Of course I checked the manual, help function, Youtube etc. But couldnt find it yet.

I fail on the first thing, the channel split: Left and right channels are treated differently. I found the channel mode in T3 but the EQ changes seem to only have an effect on the right channel?

Thx for the help

David Häußer

Are you saying your homework example uses Timeless 2, and you are having difficulty substituting Timeless 3 because of the changes? You can still download the latest Timeless 2 here: www.fabfilter.com/support/downloads


Uncle Freddie

ok, cool. sounds like an option... but I'd have to pay for it, I guess?

David Häußer

Hi David,

To do different EQing on the left and right channels in Timeless 3, set the filters to "Per Channel". The odd filters (e.g. band 1) will work on the left channel, the even filters (e.g. band 2) on the right channel.

You can install Timeless 2 and download a free license for it via your FabFilter account. To do this, go to your account page, click on "View license key" for Timeless 3, then click "View license keys for earlier versions" on the next page.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thx a lot, Frederik! I will try Timeless 2 first, as I'm in a hurry :). And thx for the option with the earlier versions, too, that is a nice offer!

David Häußer
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