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Interactive filter display

The interactive filter display gives an overview of the filter parameters and makes it very easy to adjust multiple filter parameters simultaneously. The vertical lines in the background represent a logarithmic scale that correspond to the actual filter frequencies.

To open the filter display, click on one of the filter component buttons.

  • Drag a filter dot to adjust the Frequency and Peak parameters for that filter.
  • Drag the link dot between filter 1 and 2 to adjust both filters simultaneously.
  • Shift+click a filter dot to toggle between the different filter slopes.
  • Ctrl+click (Command+click on Mac) a filter dot to toggle between the different filter responses.
  • When holding down the Alt key while dragging a filter dot, the other filter will change accordingly, as if you where dragging the link dot.
  • Holding down both the Alt+Ctrl keys (Alt+Command keys on Mac) while dragging a filter dot will adjust the two filters while fixing the link dot in the center, so the other filter will 'mirror' the changes.


  • Of course, all changes made in the filter display can be automated!
  • You can connect a MIDI controller to either the frequency or the peak adjustment of the link dot with the MIDI Learn feature.

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