Educational Discounts

If you wish to make use of our 50% educational discounts, please fill out the following form and submit your request.

Full name
To create the educational account, we need proof of the fact that you are a student (like a student card or enrollment letter) or that you are a music teacher. (JPEG, PDF or PNG format, smaller than 2 Mb)
Form actions

After we have received and approved your application, we will create a FabFilter account for you (if you don't already have one) and mark it as 'Educational' for a period of one year. After a year, you can renew your Educational account, by sending us new proof. Do you have more questions about our educational program? Check the Frequently Asked Questions!

Note: Because of the great discounts, purchases made via an Educational account automatically become NFR (Not For Resale): they cannot be transferred to another person in the future.