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Spectrum Grab

Did you ever wonder how it would be if you could just grab that obvious peak in the frequency spectrum analyzer? That's possible now! If the Post-EQ or Pre-EQ analyzer is active, and you leave the mouse above the spectrum for a few seconds, Pro-Q 2 will automatically enter Spectrum Grab mode. Existing EQ bands will be dimmed while the spectrum freezes. You can now simply grab one of the peaks in the white output spectrum line, and drag to adjust!

Spectrum Grab

After dragging a peak and releasing the mouse button, the interface will revert back to normal again and you'll see the new EQ band that has just been added, so you can customize it if needed.

Enable/disable automatic Spectrum Grab

By default, Spectrum Grab is enabled, but if you find it distracting, you can disable it in the Analyzer Settings panel, accessible via the bottom bar.


  • Spectrum Grab works best when the Post-EQ setting is enabled in the Analyzer settings, because this relates best to what you are actually hearing. Spectrum grab will also work with only the Pre-EQ spectrum enabled, but when you grab and adjust a peak by dragging it down, you won't see this reflected in the spectrum of course.
  • In Spectrum Grab mode, only Bell filters are created, and an appropriate Q is determined automatically. Of course, after creating a new band this way, you can further customize it using the normal band controls.

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