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All plug-ins updated, extended Dolby Atmos AAX support for Pro-Q 3 and Pro-L 2

Jul 6, 2023

All FabFilter plug-ins have been updated with bug fixes and improvements, including support for Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 immersive audio in the Pro-Q 3 and Pro-L 2 AAX plug-ins for Pro Tools. This update is free for existing customers and we recommend everyone to update to the latest plug-in versions. So what's new?

Pro-Q 3, Pro-L 2:

  • Added support for Atmos 5.1.2, 5.1.4, 7.1.4, 9.1.4 and 9.1.6 surround formats to the AAX plug-ins (the VST, VST3 and AU plug-ins already supported this).

Pro-Q 3:

  • When splitting a dynamic band with a manual threshold, the external side chain setting is now copied correctly.

Pro-Q 3, Pro-R, Pro-MB, Pro-C 2, Timeless 3, Volcano 3, Twin 3:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause another parameter to jump to its maximum value when editing e.g. the frequency in the EQ parameter value display and then pressing Tab on Windows.

Pro-Q 3, Pro-R, Pro-MB, Pro-C 2, Saturn 2, Timeless 3, Volcano 3, Twin 3:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause spurious vertical lines in the spectrum display on displays with a width of more than 4096 pixels.

All plug-ins:

  • Fixed a bug that caused two undo states to be added after editing a value by typing it in the parameter value display on Windows (so you had to click Undo twice).
  • Improved error messages when loading an invalid preset.
  • Minor bug fixes and small improvements.

The updated plug-ins are fully compatible with previous versions. The latest versions and 30-day trials are available for download now at www.fabfilter.com/download.

System requirements are either Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, or Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and a VST 2/3 host or Pro Tools, or macOS 10.13 or higher (64-bit only) with Intel or Apple Silicon processor, and an Audio Units host, VST 2/3 host, or Pro Tools.

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