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FabFilter releases FabFilter Twin 1.10 update with new features

March 1, 2006


FabFilter releases FabFilter Twin 1.10 update with new features

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 1, 2006. FabFilter has released FabFilter Twin version 1.10, which contains the following new features and bug fixes:

* Implemented new optimizations that especially work well with unison voices. CPU usage has now been reduced by more than 50% when using a high number of unison voices.

* Added a floating parameter value display to the interface for all knobs.

* Added an optional filter display view, in which the filter curves can be dragged separately or together. Using Ctrl-click or Shift-click, slope and responses can be set directly in the filter display. Use the small toggle button in the lower-left corner of the filter area to toggle between the filter display view and the normal knobs view.

* Added three new filter characteristics, especially designed for FabFilter Twin.

* Added the possibility to drag a modulation slot and move it to another place in the modulation matrix. This works even between slot banks and enables you to keep the modulation matrix organized.

* Added support for viewing modulation connections for a specific target, in addition to the existing possibility to show the connections for a specific modulation source. Connections for a source or target can now be shown by double-clicking a source icon or a target knob.

* Modulation source icons of sources that are currently in use, are now highlighted. This is very useful when browsing presets, for example. You can immediately see whether a preset uses the mod wheel, velocity, aftertouch, or other modulation sources.

* Changed the slot bank select button into three separate A, B and C slot bank buttons, which makes switching banks easier and faster. The slot bank buttons will appear dimmed if a slot bank does not contain any active slots.

* Added (vertical) Shift-drag fine-tune behavior to knobs, in addition to the current circular fine-tune mode.

* Increased the maximum number of voices to 32.

* Increased the maximum unison frequency detune to 5 times the previous maximum, which makes unison sound much better when using a high number of unison voices.

* Added a portamento mode switch for choosing either normal or fingered/legato portamento and increased the maximum portamento time to 5 seconds.

* Added ASIO support to the Windows stand-alone version.

* Slightly increased interface contrast.

* Fixed some bugs concerning LFO sync, slots being marked as 'invalid' when this was not the case at all, license validation failing on the Receptor and problems with the 'next/previous preset' button when using the plug-in in Cubase.

This update is free for existing FabFilter Twin users. If you have not bought FabFilter Twin yet, version 1.10 grants you a new evaluation period to be able to try the new features.

Originally released on December 21, 2005, FabFilter Twin is a versatile and powerful synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. FabFilter Twin stands out with high-quality oscillators, extremely smooth and analog-sounding filters, and a unique drag-and-drop modulation system that makes complex sounds very easy to design.

FabFilter Twin 1.10 is now available on www.fabfilter.com for $129 (US) as a Windows VST-plugin and as an Audio Units plugin and a VST plug-in for Mac OS X. Packages with FabFilter Volcano and One are also available. See www.fabfilter.com/shop/.

System requirements for FabFilter Twin are either Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, or 2003, SSE-capable processor, and a VST 2 host, or Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or higher, G4 or better with AltiVec, and an Audio Units or VST 2 host.

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