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FabFilter celebrates tenth anniversary milestone with one-time discount sale

April 14, 2014


FabFilter is celebrating its tenth anniversary of creating powerful audio plug-ins with superb sound quality and innovative interfaces. The company is proud to toast this occasion by announcing a generous ten-day sale, with a discount of 40% off all bundles and plug-ins, from April 14 to April 24. In addition, FabFilter will make a charitable donation to Stichting MEMO, a local organization bringing children in their early years in contact with young professional musicians and their passion for making music.

Ten years ago, FabFilter released its first plug-in, FabFilter One, a basic but powerful synthesizer, promising exceptional sound quality and eye for detail in both audio processing and design. That promise still holds true today, and the dedication to superb signal processing and well-designed, modern user interfaces and workflow never faded since.

FabFilter One and its follow-up Volcano ultimately led to the Creative plug-in range, with FabFilter Saturn as the latest addition. Renowned for their unique drag-and-drop modulation system and smart interface design which shows only the components that you actually use, all Creative plug-ins combine a huge range of inspiring possibilities with impressive ease of use.

With the release of the high-quality compressor plug-in Pro-C in 2007, FabFilter laid the foundations for the ongoing Pro series, highly regarded for their high-quality transparent sound, beautiful interfaces and well-thought-out workflow. Co-founder Frederik Slijkerman: “FabFilter Pro-Q, our EQ plug-in, is one of our absolute bestsellers and still one of the best examples of what FabFilter is all about: beautiful sound, fantastic workflow! We were really able to realize our vision of power converging with simplicity and elegance.”

Coming full circle, FabFilter co-founder Floris Klinkert claims, “Our latest plug-in FabFilter Pro-MB is really a result of the 10 years we’ve now been working on audio plug-ins. It combines advanced dynamics algorithms with a forward-thinking, modern interface, rethinking the concept of multi-band processing.”

Such sentiments are far from lost on FabFilter’s lengthy list of equally enthusiastic professional users. To quote a few:

“All of the FabFilter plug-ins seem to be designed to be simple to use and easy to get results with while sounding incredible.”
Tony Maserati - Grammy award-winning mix/recording engineer and producer for Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and many more

“I’ve known Floris for a very long time. We even did some tracks together in the past! When I heard he was involved in making his own plug-ins, I was immediately interested and have followed him ever since. It’s fantastic to see the company being so successful today.”
Armin van Buuren - 5 times #1 DJ in DJ Magazine's top 100

“I first learned about FabFilter plugins from engineer friend Dave Pensado [..]. After checking them out for myself, I just had to have them in my mixing toolbox. I love the uniqueness and stellar quality they have. I recommend FabFilter as being part of 'must have' plugins for anyone who is a serious mixing professional.”
Khaliq Glover - Grammy award-winning engineer/author/producer for Prince, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Angie Stone, Herbie Hancock, Christina Aguilera and many more.

“FabFilter Pro-Q and Pro-C are so intuitive and versatile and the sound is manipulated so eloquently and smoothly that they have moved to the top of the list of plugins I reach for most often!”
John Jaszcz - Grammy award-winning engineer/mixer for Kirk Franklin, John Michael Montgomery, Bootsy Collins, and many more.

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