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Online help and PDF manuals

All FabFilter plug-ins come with an extensive help file, accessible both online and directly from the plug-in interface. All help files are also available as PDF manuals for easy printing.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the answer to your question in the plug-in manuals, take a look at the most frequently asked questions about our license key system, license transfers, educational discounts and licenses, installation issues and much more.

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FabFilter user forum

The FabFilter user forum is the perfect place to post questions or bug reports, share your experiences and participate in discussions about FabFilter plug-ins.

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Questions and technical support

For sales-related questions and technical support, you can always contact FabFilter directly at

When reporting a bug, please make sure first that you are using the latest plug-in versions, which you can always find on the Download page. You can easily check the version of the FabFilter plug-in that you are using by clicking Help > About in the plug-in interface. If the bug is still present in the latest version, please send us an e-mail at and include as much technical information as possible: operation system and version, host software and version, steps to reproduce the bug, etc. Thanks in advance!

Video tutorials

To help you to get up to speed with our plug-ins, we offer a great selection of video tutorials. These not only show how to use FabFilter plug-ins, but also offer valuable recording, mixing and mastering tips!

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Additional downloads

On the Additional downloads page, we offer links to previous versions of plug-ins like FabFilter Pro-Q and Pro-C, a complete collection of factory presets, and extra presets and controller templates.

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