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FabFilter releases Pro-G 1.01 update with Ducking style

Oct 7, 2011

We have updated the FabFilter Pro-G gate/expander plug-in to version 1.01, adding a much requested 'ducking' style and various bug fixes and small improvements. This is a free update for existing Pro-G users.

Here is a full list of the changes in Pro-G 1.01:

  • Added new 'Ducking' style, implementing inverted gate/expander behavior. A typical application of ducking is to automatically lower the level of a musical background track when a voice-over starts, and to bring the level up again when the voice-over stops (in movies and on radio broadcasts). Ducking can also be used to achieve the well-known and very popular 'pumping' effect, much used in modern dance music.
  • Improved keyboard handling on Windows, fixing the "space key stealing" problem in Studio One and FL Studio.
  • Improved mouse handling behavior in Pro Tools when Cmd+Ctrl / Ctrl+Win -clicking a control to show the automation timeline.
  • Fixed crash in MOTU Digital Performer with the mono version of Pro-G.

The FabFilter Pro-G 1.01 update is available now at www.fabfilter.com/download.

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