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Filter controls

The filter controls provide full access to all of FabFilter Micro's filter parameters.

  • Frequency
    The Frequency knob sets the cut-off frequency of the filter over the entire audio range.
  • Peak
    The Peak knob adjusts the resonance of the filter. A little resonance will cause the filter to create warmer and more characteristic tones. At maximum resonance, the filter will self-oscillate at the center frequency.
  • Response
    The Response buttons select between low-pass and high-pass filter shapes. FabFilter Micro's filter always has a 12 dB/octave steepness.
  • EF Level
    At the far left, the Level knob sets the amount of filter frequency modulation with the built-in envelope follower. You can set both negative and positive modulation. In the center position, no modulation will take place. The little reset button at the top of the level knob lets you easily turn off modulation altogether.
  • EF Speed
    The Speed knob adjusts how quickly the envelope follower reacts to changes in the input signal. When turned all the way to the left, the envelope follower reacts quickly and aggressively to changes. When turned all the way to the right, the response to changes is very slow and smooth. The default position in the center provides a good overall behavior.

Tip: the EF light above the envelope follower controls shows you how much filter frequency modulation is currently taking place.

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