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The interface of FabFilter Micro mainly consists of a big filter display that lets you tweak the filter interactively.

  • Interactive filter display
    The filter display lets you tweak the frequency and peak of the filter just by dragging the peak around. See Interactive filter display.
  • Filter controls
    The filter controls at the bottom of the display provide full access to all filter parameters. See Filter controls.
  • Output options
    The input and output controls on the right of the bottom bar enable you to adjust the gain before and after filtering. See Output options.
  • MIDI learn
    MIDI Learn lets you easily associate any MIDI controller with any plug-in parameter. See MIDI Learn.
  • Presets, undo and redo, help
    With the preset buttons, you can easily browse through the factory presets or save your own settings so you can re-use them in other songs. The Undo and Redo buttons at the top of the plug-in interface enable you to easily undo your changes. Finally, the Help menu provides access to help and version information. See Loading presets and Undo and redo.

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