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About FabFilter Pro-MB

Multiband compression and expansion are very powerful and useful tools, but many people find the concept quite difficult to grasp, or don't know how and when to use it. With FabFilter Pro-MB, multiband dynamics processing becomes intuitive yet powerful at the same time.

The traditional approach to multiband processing is to simply split the whole incoming signal into bands using a set of crossovers. In most cases however, this is overly complicated as you're often only interested in working with a particular frequency range. Instead, we have chosen to approach this from the user's perspective: think bands, not crossovers. You're working on some audio and want to adjust a certain frequency range... so just create a band at that frequency range and start working! The interface clearly reflects that the rest of the spectrum stays untouched.

Next, we have also pushed the limits to achieve the best possible sound. We've gone through a lot of research and developed our own unique Dynamic Phase processing mode. It has virtually the same frequency response as traditional multiband processing, but features zero latency operation, no pre-ringing effects, and only introduces phase changes when actually changing the gain. This mode really makes Pro-MB stand apart! Of course, we have also included an excellent Linear Phase mode and a traditional Minimum Phase mode.

As you've come to expect from FabFilter, Pro-MB has a highly intelligent and intuitive interface, making it easy to create, organize and adjust bands that are freely placed in the frequency spectrum. With its well-thought-out display, designed to achieve an optimal workflow, FabFilter Pro-MB is an absolute time-saver and a joy to use.

FabFilter Pro-MB

Key features

  • Up to six processing bands, freely placed anywhere in the spectrum
  • Unique Dynamic Phase processing mode plus excellent Linear Phase and traditional Minimum Phase modes
  • Any form of dynamics processing, from highly transparent compression, limiting and expansion to pumping upward compression and punchy gating
  • Fully customizable per band: lookahead (up to 20 ms), variable knee, variable stereo linking with mid-only or side-only processing, band/free side-chain triggering (external or internal), variable slopes between 6 dB/oct and 48 dB/oct (in Dynamic and Linear Phase mode)
  • Intelligent, highly program- and frequency-dependent attack and release curves
  • Full Screen mode: with just the click of a button, Pro-MB instantly fills the whole screen, making super-precise adjustments easy and fast
  • Choose between normal or large interface sizes
  • Unique interactive multiband display, designed for an optimal workflow
  • Global dry/wet mix from 0% to 200%
  • High-quality audio processing algorithms with 64-bit internal processing where needed
  • Up to four times oversampling
  • Accurate and smooth, customizable real-time frequency analyzer with pre-processing, post-processing and SC options, freeze, tilt, speed and resolution settings, and horizontal spectrum zoom
  • Precise output metering
  • Retina support on macOS and High DPI support on Windows

FabFilter Pro-MB is available in VST, VST3, CLAP, AU (Audio Units), AAX Native and AudioSuite formats.

Windows requirements

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or Vista

64-bit or 32-bit

VST 2/3 or CLAP host, or Pro Tools

macOS requirements

macOS 10.13 or higher (64-bit only)

VST 2/3, AU or CLAP host, or Pro Tools

Intel or Apple Silicon processor

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