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VST plug-in versions

FabFilter Timeless 2 is available in both VST 2 and VST 3 formats. They can be installed and used both at the same time. The VST 3 format offers easy side-chaining and is more CPU-friendly in some cases, but it can only be used by hosts that support it, for example recent versions of Cubase, Studio One or FL Studio. The VST 2 format is compatible with a larger variety of hosts.

For the VST 2 format, there are two versions of the FabFilter Timeless 2 plug-in, one with and one without external side chain input:

  • FabFilter Timeless 2 (stereo without side chain)
  • FabFilter Timeless 2 (SC) (stereo with side chain)

The default VST plug-in does not have external side chain support because some hosts (e.g. older versions of Steinberg WaveLab) will not work correctly otherwise.

The external side chain feature in FabFilter Timeless 2 (SC) works well in some hosts, like Ableton Live and Reaper.

With Steinberg Cubase, it is recommended to use the VST 3 plug-in. With the VST 2 plug-in, you need to do the following to use an external side chain input:

  1. Create a Group Channel track with Quadro configuration (in the More... menu).
  2. Open the VST Connections window. In the Group/FX tab, locate the group bus you just created and right-click it to create child buses for the Stereo and Stereo (Ls Rs) parts.
  3. In the Mixer, insert FabFilter Timeless 2 (SC) in the group channel track.
  4. You can now route the input audio signal track to the Stereo child bus. The side chain track must be routed to the Stereo (Ls Rs) child bus. (The routing settings are found at the top of each channel.)
  5. Use Timeless 2's monitoring feature in the bottom bar to confirm that everything is routed as you want it.

Note: In earlier versions of Cubase, the Group/FX tab is missing from the VST Connections window. In this case, you must pan the input track to the front of the quadro bus, and the side chain track to the rear of the quadro bus.

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