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The real fun with Timeless 2 starts with the incredible modulation options. Almost any parameter can be modulated. These are called modulation targets. They can be modulated by any of the available modulation sources: XY controllers, XLFOs, envelope generators, envelope followers and MIDI sources. The modulation signal always flows via a modulation slot that allows you to vary the extent of modulation.

Use the Modulation button at the top to show or hide the entire modulation section, which consists of the following elements:

  • Source selection bar
    The source selection bar shows a schematic overview of all modulation sources at all times. Simply click on a source button here to scroll the source into view. The highlighted section of the bar shows the currently visible part, and it can be dragged to scroll the sources as well. The top segment of each source button lights up according to the modulation signal it is currently sending.
  • Modulation slots
    As said before: every modulation source uses a modulation slot to send its signal to the target. Timeless 2 always groups all modulation slots above the source that they're connected to. Each slot displays the destination, graphically shows the amount, and you can quickly turn it on or off, or reverse its output.
  • Modulation sources
    The modulation sources are organized in a horizontally scrolling strip below the source selection bar. There are 5 different kinds of sources available: The XLFO can generate almost any waveform you can imagine and can be synchronized to the host tempo. The Envelope generator is of the usual ADSR kind and triggered by audio or MIDI. The Envelope follower will follow the loudness of the incoming audio or side-chain signal. The MIDI source transforms any incoming MIDI data into a modulation signal. Finally, the XY controller lets you modulate two targets using horizontal and vertical mouse movements.

    To add a modulation source, click the + button in the source selection bar.

    To delete a modulation source, click the remove button in the top right corner in the source interface. When a source is deleted, modulation slots that use that source will also be deleted automatically.

Tip: You can scroll the modulation source section with the mouse wheel. On Windows, most mouse wheels only work vertically, but you can hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys for horizontal scrolling in that case.

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