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Key features

FabFilter One stands out on many points:

  • Best cut-off filter
    We have put tremendous effort in creating the best cut-off filter ever. No useless features and options here: it's just the fattest and smoothest self-oscillating digital filter you've ever heard. It sound is inspired by the analog Korg MS-series from the late seventies: raw but never cheap, going crazy with high peak values, but never over the top. Even at full resonance, there are none of the zippery digital artefacts that are so common among other plugin filters.
  • Great oscillator
    The oscillator sounds strong, pure, and clean. Again, we've invested a lot of time to get just the right analog feel, custom-shaping the waveforms and fine-tuning the sound. You get pure fatness in the low regions and total clarity in the high regions! There are extensive pulse width modulation options and it's also possible to mix white or pink noise into the signal, which is great for percussive sounds.
  • Smoothest portamento
    Most synthesizers just slide from one note to another without giving it another thought. We understand that good portamento is one of those things that give your play just that little bit extra. Good portamento is magic. So we've fine-tuned it until it was just right, and added polyphony support as well. Feel it yourself!
  • Smart parameter interpolation
    Parameter changes are interpolated by smart algorithms, ensuring both responsiveness and smooth transitions without clicks or 'zipper' effects. This is especially important with MIDI controller changes.
  • Polyphony and velocity sensitivity
    FabFilter One now supports 10-voice polyphony, volume and filter velocity sensitivity, and filter keyboard tracking. As an extra bonus, the modulation generator can now also be synchronized to the plug-in host.
  • Straightforward user interface
    The user interface is simple, modern, and easy to use. The knobs are large and can be dragged up and down as well as turned around for precise adjustments. You can tweak and tune your sounds to your hearts' content without having to hunt for impossible little knobs and sliders.
  • Presets
    FabFilter One comes with a standard set of dozens of great sounds and enables you to create and save your own presets. You can share your sounds with other FabFilter One users and the preset files are the same in the macOS and Windows versions.
  • Sample accuracy and high sample rates
    Naturally, the FabFilter One plug-in handles all parameter changes at sample accuracy and it can be used with arbitrary sample rates.

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