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Undo and redo

The Undo and Redo buttons at the top of the FabFilter One interface enable you to easily undo changes you made to the plug-in.

Undo, Redo
  • The Undo button at the left will undo the last change. Every change to the plug-in (such as dragging a knob or selecting a new preset) creates a new state in the undo history. The Undo button steps back through the history to restore the previous states of the plug-in.

  • The Redo button cancels the last undo command. It steps forward through the history until you are back at the most recent plug-in state.


  • If the plug-in parameters are changed without using the plug-in interface, for example with MIDI or automation, no new undo states are recorded.
  • The Undo and Redo buttons will disable themselves if there is nothing to undo or redo.

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