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About FabFilter Volcano 2

Volcano 2 is more than just an update of Volcano 1. The original idea of high quality filters being modulated with several sources is still present but Volcano 2 has been redesigned from the ground up. Now it is not only capable of high quality filtering effects, but it can even be used for phasing, flanging, chorus and many other cool effects!

Bigger than ever... and easier-to-use than ever!

Of course, the new version of Volcano brings a lot of new features. To start with, you now get four full-featured filters which can be routed in almost any possible way (including Per-Channel and Mid-Side). Then, the real fun starts with our totally re-designed drag-and-drop modulation system with a 24 slot modulation matrix. And instead of the two simple LFOs and the single Envelope Generator in Volcano 1, you now get all the XY Controller, XLFOs, Envelope Generators, Envelope Followers and MIDI Sources you need! Of course, the new version also has a side-chain input, which can be used to trigger the Envelope Generators or feed the Envelope Followers. Volcano 2 also features our improved MIDI Learn system, which makes it easy to associate your controllers to Volcano's parameters.


Volcano 2 introduces a revolutionary new interface concept: what-you-use-is-what-you-see. The idea is simple yet powerful: do you want another filter? Just add one! Do you want an Envelope Follower? Just add one and start modulating things! At all times, the interface only contains the filters, modulation sources and slots that you are actually using. This results in an intuitive user interface that experienced producers and novices alike will embrace.

Modulation madness

Volcano 2 brings new and improved modulation sources and because of our improved interface, you don't have to worry about how many sources you have: there are enough sources to keep you busy for a long time!

Our new XLFO offers you anything from a simple sine wave to a fully programmable 16-step sequencer. The Envelope Generators and Envelope Followers can make use of the plug-in's side-chain signal, and the new MIDI modulation sources let you modulate parameters using any form of MIDI data.


If you have spent some time with Volcano 2, you will find use for it in any kind of project. The best way to discover what you can do with it is to explore the presets. Find out what a variety of effects you can create, and use them as a starting point for your own explorations.

FabFilter Volcano 2 is available in VST, VST3, AU (Audio Units), AAX Native and AudioSuite formats.

Windows requirements

32-bit: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP

64-bit: Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista (x64)

VST 2/3 host or Pro Tools

macOS requirements

macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only)

AU or VST 2/3 host or Pro Tools

Intel or Apple Silicon processor

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