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Envelope follower

The envelope follower modulation source outputs an envelope or transient signal based on the side-chain input audio level. Unlike the envelope generator, which produces its own envelope, the EF tracks the envelope of the trigger signal and smoothes it out to produce a modulation signal.

To add an envelope follower as a modulation source, click the + button in the modulation section and click New Envelope Follower.

EF Component Button

Initially the EF is shown as a source component button in the interface, showing a graphical representation of the current settings. For more information on working with source component buttons, see Modulation.

Click the source component button once to expand the full EF interface:

In the graphical envelope controller you can click and drag the dots to customize the attack and release times of the EF, which controls how the signal is smoothed.

The trigger input button opens a menu to select which signal is used for triggering the EF: the main input signal, or the signal from the external side-chain input. See also External side chaining.

An audition button becomes visible when triggering on the external side-chain . Click and hold it to temporarily listen to the signal this EF is triggering on.

The mode button toggles between the default Envelope setting and a Transient mode, where the envelope follower will work as a transient detector, only producing output for short-term bursts of energy in the signal (e.g. drum hits).

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