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Input and output options

At the righthand side of the bottom bar in the interface, FabFilter Pro-DS contains the bypass, input level and output level parameters.

Output options


You can bypass the entire plug-in with the Global Bypass toggle button to the left of the input level button. While most hosts already provide the ability to bypass plug-ins, our internal global bypass feature is guaranteed to correctly compensate the latency of the plug-in and it also applies soft bypassing to avoid clicks. While the plug-in is bypassed, the display dims and a red light glows in the bypass button itself.

Input and output levels and panning

With the input and output level/pan knobs, you can fully adjust the stereo audio level both before and after of the de-essing process.


  • You can directly adjust the input or output gain by clicking and dragging the button vertically, so there is no need to click it first to display the knobs. You can also double-click the buttons to directly enter a value using the keyboard.

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