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Saving presets

You can easily extend the included presets with new settings to build your own library of presets for FabFilter Simplon that you can reuse in various projects. This is also a good way to copy settings across multiple instances of FabFilter Simplon in a session.

To save the current setting as a preset, click the preset button, and then click Save As. A standard Save dialog will appear. Type a name for the new preset and click Save to finish.

In the Save dialog, you can also rename and delete existing presets and create a new folder to store presets in. New folders will show up as new categories in the preset menu. (On macOS, this should be done with the Finder.)

Right-click shortcut menu

You can also right-click on the preset button to open a small menu with shortcuts:

  • Save: Overwrite the currently loaded preset. You will be asked for confirmation before saving.
  • Save As: Just like choosing the 'Save As...' item from the main menu.

See How presets are stored to determine the preset folder location and learn more about factory presets.

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