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If you need help with problems or questions, and the help file does not provide an answer, please visit the support pages on our web site.

From here, you have direct access to the customer support forum, very useful tutorial videos for all FabFilter plug-ins, online and PDF versions of all our help files, and a section with extra downloads (such as presets, controller templates, older plug-in versions).

For sales-related questions and technical support, you can also contact FabFilter directly at info@fabfilter.com.

Reporting a bug

If you have encountered a bug in FabFilter Pro-G, first of all make sure that you are using the latest version of the plug-in, which you can find at www.fabfilter.com/download . You can easily check the version of FabFilter Pro-G that you are using by clicking Help > About in the plug-in interface. If the bug is still present in the latest version, please send us an e-mail at info@fabfilter.com and include as much technical information as possible: operation system and version, host software and version, steps to reproduce the bug, etc. Thanks in advance!

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