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Dynamic controls

The section in the top-left corner of the FabFilter Pro-G user interface is where the conventional gate/expansion settings can be found: threshold, ratio and range. These determine the dynamic behavior and the amount of expansion.

Dynamic controls: threshold, ratio and range


The Threshold knob sets the threshold at which the gate/expander will open. With a lower threshold, the gate/expander will open earlier. Finding a good setting always depends on your audio, and the real-time display and metering will help you set the right level.


The Ratio knob sets the amount of expansion when the signal level drops below the threshold. At a ratio of 4:1, every dB under the threshold results in an target reduction of -4 dB. If you set the knob to 1:1, no expansion will take place at all. If you set the ratio to values larger than about 5:1, Pro-G will starting acting more and more as a gate.


With the Range knob (often also called floor), you can specify the maximum expansion range of Pro-G. For example, when you set it to 20 dB, Pro-G will reduce the signal level with a maximum of 20 dB. This way, you can choose to suppress unwanted background noise only a bit, or expand only a specific area of the dynamic range.


  • Instead of using the incoming audio to open the gate/expander, you can also trigger it via MIDI. If MIDI is enabled (see MIDI Learn), the gate will open when you hit any key on your MIDI Keyboard controller, using the Note On event.

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