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Saving presets

You can easily extend the included presets with new settings to build your own library of presets for FabFilter Pro-R 2 that you can reuse in various projects. This is also a good way to copy settings across multiple instances of FabFilter Pro-R 2 in a session.

To save the current setting as a preset, click the preset button, and then click Save As. A standard Save dialog will appear. Type a name for the new preset and click Save to finish.

In the Save dialog, you can also rename and delete existing presets and create a new folder to store presets in. New folders will show up as new categories in the preset menu. (On macOS, this should be done with the Finder.)

Right-click shortcut menu

You can also right-click on the preset button to open a small menu with shortcuts:

  • Favorite: Mark the current preset as favorite.
  • Save: Overwrite the currently loaded preset. You will be asked for confirmation before saving.
  • Save As: Just like choosing the 'Save As...' item from the main menu.

See How presets are stored to determine the preset folder location and learn more about factory presets.

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