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The interface of FabFilter Pro-R is designed to be easy to use while providing all necessary information and controls. It consists of the following elements:

FabFilter Pro-R overview
  • Main Controls
    The top section of the plug-in contains the most important controls for the reverb algorithm: Space, Decay Rate, Brightness, Character, Distance, Stereo Width and Mix. See Main controls.
  • Reverb Display
    The larger bottom section of the interface is the interactive reverb display. See Decay Rate EQ, Post EQ and Spectrum analyzer.
  • MIDI Learn
    MIDI Learn lets you easily associate any MIDI controller with any plug-in parameter. See MIDI Learn.
  • Predelay
    The Predelay button lets you set a delay between 0 and 500 ms for the processed sound. See Predelay, input and output options.
  • Input and output options
    At the right of the bottom bar, you can bypass the entire plug-in and adjust the initial input and final output levels. See Predelay, input and output options.
  • Full Screen mode, resizing and scaling
    The Resize button at the far right of the bottom bar lets you change the interface size and scaling. In addition, click the Full Screen button in the top-right corner of the interface to let Pro-R fill the entire screen. See Full Screen mode, resizing and scaling.
  • Presets, undo, A/B, help
    With the preset buttons, you can easily browse through the factory presets or save your own settings so you can re-use them in other songs. The Undo, Redo, A/B and Copy buttons at the top of the plug-in interface enable you to undo your changes and switch between different states of the plug-in. Finally, the Help menu provides access to help and version information. See Loading presets and Undo, redo, A/B switch.

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