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Upgrading to Pro-Q 3

Upgrading from Pro-Q version 2 or 1 to the new Pro-Q 3 is safe and easy: installing Pro-Q 3 will not replace or delete the previous Pro-Q 1 or Pro-Q 2 plug-ins. Different major versions will co-exist and can be used at the same time. This ensures that you can open old songs that use Pro-Q 2 or Pro-Q 1 without problems!

Presets from version 1 or 2

All presets created with Pro-Q 1 or 2 can be loaded in Pro-Q 3. If you upgraded to the new version, your original presets v1 and v2 presets will be accessible via the V1 Preset Folder and V2 Preset Folder items in the preset menu. See also Loading presets.

Note: Because the processing engine in Pro-Q has been renewed and improved, it's possible that a Pro-Q 1 preset loaded into Pro-Q 3 sounds slightly different.

Replacing a Pro-Q 1/2 instance by Pro-Q 3

If you are working on a song and want to replace a Pro-Q version 1/2 instance with the new Pro-Q 3, we advise you to do the following:

  • First, save the current setting of the instance as a FabFilter preset in the Pro-Q 1/2 preset folder.
  • Then, remove the old Pro-Q instance and add Pro-Q 3 in its place.
  • Finally, load the preset that you just created into Pro-Q 3 via the V1/V2 Preset Folder submenu in the preset menu.


Because the feature set of Pro-Q 3 has changed fundamentally, any automation data that has been written by a Pro-Q 1 or Pro-Q 2 instance cannot be read correctly by Pro-Q 3.

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