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Quick start

The installer will copy the FabFilter Twin 2 plug-in into the common VST/VST3, AU (macOS only) and AAX plug-in folders on your computer. On macOS, the global plug-in folders in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins are used.

In most cases, your host will then recognize the plug-in automatically. However, if the instructions below do not work, see Manual installation instead.

  • Cubase
    Open the VST Instruments panel, click on an empty slot and select FabFilter Twin from the menu that appears. Right-click in the list of tracks and choose Add MIDI Track to create a new MIDI track and assign it to the new FabFilter Twin 2 instrument.
  • Logic
    Create an Audio Instrument track in the arrange window and select FabFilter Twin 2 as the input and choose a preferred output. You will find FabFilter Twin 2 in the Audio Units -> FabFilter section (named FF Twin 2).
  • Ableton Live
    In Session view, select the track you would like to place FabFilter Twin 2 on, for example by clicking the track name. At the left top of Ableton Live's interface, click on the Plug-in Device Browser icon (third icon from the top). From the plug-ins list, double-click FabFilter/FabFilter Twin 2, or drag it onto the track.
  • Pro Tools
    Create a new stereo instrument track and add FabFilter Twin 2 as the first insert.

Use the Presets button at the top of the plug-in interface to try different settings from the many factory presets that are bundled with FabFilter Twin 2. Have fun!

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