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Upgrading to Twin 2

Upgrading from Twin 1 to Twin 2 is safe and easy: installing Twin 2 will not replace or delete the previous Twin 1 plug-in. Both versions will co-exist and can both be used at the same time. This ensures that you can open old songs that use Twin 1 without problems!

Twin 1 presets

All presets created with Twin 1 can be loaded in Twin 2. If you upgraded from Twin 1 to the new version, your original Twin 1 presets will be accessible via the V1 Preset Folder item in the preset menu. See also Loading presets.

Replacing a Twin 1 instance by Twin 2

If you are working on a song and want to replace a Twin 1 instance with the new Twin 2, we advise you to do the following:

  • First, save the current setting of the Twin 1 instance as a FabFilter preset in the Twin 1 preset folder.
  • Then, remove the Twin 1 instance and add Twin 2 in its place.
  • Finally, load the V1 preset that you just created into Twin 2 via the V1 Preset Folder submenu in the preset menu.


Because the feature set of Twin 2 has changed drastically, any automation data that has been written by a Twin 1 instance cannot be read correctly by Twin 2.

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