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XY Controller

The XY Controller makes for more tweaking fun. It's a classic, and we didn't dare to leave it out! It can control two parameters with one mouse movement. When browsing presets don't forget to listen to the sound mangling possibilities provided by these controllers.

To add an XY controller as a modulation source, click the + button in the source selection bar and click New XY Controller.

FabFilter Twin 2 - XY Controller

Because the XY controller has two "outputs", it also has two source drag buttons labeled X and Y. The slots for the XY controller are grouped in two rows, with the X-slots at the top. For example, in the screen shot above, the X axis controls the output panning, while the Y axis controls the level.

The Remove button deletes the XY Controller.


  • To reset the XY Controller to its default position, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (macOS) and click once.
  • When you want to adjust only one parameter on one axis, holding Shift will make it easier to do so while keeping the other parameter constant.
  • With MIDI learn, you can set up a hardware MIDI controller to control the XY controller. So if your MIDI controller has XY-functionality you can directly control Twin 2.

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