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Output controls

The output controls are located in the bottom-right corner of Twin 2's interface:

This is where the output level and panning settings are controlled. The dry (unprocessed) signal and the output of the delay lines have their own level and panning knobs.

From left to right:

  • The Audition setting (with the small headphones icon) is normally set to Output. You can set it to Side Chain to be able to listen to the incoming side chain signal. See Using the side chain.
  • The Stereo setting sets the stereo spreading of the output signal. By default, it is a 100% or 'normal stereo', which means that it does not alter the signal. By reducing the setting towards 0%, the signal will become more mono. By increasing it towards 200%, the differences between the left and right channel are enlarged, which makes the sound more stereo.
  • The Out setting controls the main output volume and panning.


  • Beware that making the signal more stereo can cause some undesirable phase cancellation.
  • Both the output level/pan and stereo settings are modulation targets. Volume is commonly modulated by the velocity modulation source. The Stereo knob is a global modulation target, meaning that it affects all voices simultaneously. When modulating a global target like Stereo with a per-voice modulation signal such as an envelope generator, the highest signal value of all active voice envelopes is used.
  • Like the Stereo setting, the Dry and Wet level settings for the delay section are applied globally. Modulating them with per-voice sources such as velocity or an envelope generator is possible, but doesn't give perfect results. Instead, modulate the output level in the bottom bar, described above.
  • The resize button next to the Out setting allows you to make the interface wider if desired.

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