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FabFilter Twin comes with a huge library of over 1500 factory presets. These were created by the following sound designers:

  • Frank Genus, Pro-Sounds (PS)
  • Daniel Maurer (DJM or DM)
  • bManic (BM)
  • Ouroboros (O)
  • Stephan Müsch (SM)
  • Teksonik (TEK)
  • Frank Neumann, Particular Sounds (FN)
  • Ingo Nasse, Particular Sounds (IN)
  • Marco Raaphorst (MR)
  • Joel Zimmerman (JZ)
  • Jaime Newman (JN)
  • Rory Dow (RD)
  • Scott Gilfix (SDG)
  • Floris Klinkert, FabFilter (FL)
  • Frederik Slijkerman, FabFilter (FS)

Visit the FabFilter sound designers page to read more about each sound designer.

Thanks to the beta testing team for their relentless support, great ideas and continuous feature requests! ;-)

Credits go to Gijs van Klooster for writing this help file. You can visit Gijs' web site at www.redhouse.nl .

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Table of contents