D. James Goodwin

D. James Goodwin is a producer, engineer and mixer, based in the Hudson Valley of NY. After apprenticing in the late 1990's under engineers like John Holbrook and Neil Dorfsman, Goodwin went on his own until he built his own studio called The Isokon in 2010, in Woodstock, NY. Based on the concept of recording in found spaces, and otherwise non traditional studio environments, it was here that his work became recognized for its non-conformist approach, and his ability to move seamlessly between acoustic and electronic music, or the traditional and the avantgarde.

Since then, his work with artists like Bob Weir, Kaki King, Bonny Light Horseman, Tim Berne, and Kevin Morby has earned him a reputation for creating wide and colourful landscapes, melding high fidelity and experimental techniques.

His newest incarnation of The Isokon is housed in the executive boardroom of a former IBM building. Based on a 'studio in the round', where the artists and engineer work in the same space, not separated by a control room, Goodwin continues to explore the margins of what can be done in a studio. Fusing the character of analog and the power of digital processes, Goodwin now calls himself a 'reformed analog purist'.

"The power of what can be done digitally now, is an absolute universe of possibility. Twenty years ago when I started, I could only dream of doing some of the things I can do now, within seconds, using digital processing".

D. James Goodwin and FabFilter

"I kept getting sessions to mix, where the tracking engineer had been using Pro-Q 3 and Pro-C 2 especially. I finally decided to download a trial at one point, because there were too many instances, and they liked much of their processing, but hadn't printed them. Once I downloaded them and used them, even for a couple days, I knew that these were powerful and intuitive plugins."

"Now I've become quite fond of the Pro-R reverb and the Pro-G gate plugins. I typically tend toward hardware reverbs, but the Pro-R is a revelation in plugin reverb. And the Pro-G gate is a cracking gate plugin. Makes that work so much easier than it used to be, and the visual interface of all the Fabfilter plugins is second to none."



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