Charlie Crown

Building on the success of his previous moniker, Charlie Crown (f.k.a. Flapo) has returned with a bold, new sound. Rooted in the same emotionality and technical ability that first endeared him to the EDM community, he is intent this time on proving himself on a global stage.

The Magic City-based DJ & producer has released tracks through Sony Music, Dim Mak, and PRMD; achieved multiple Hype Machine #1’s, and garnered 10M+ streams in the process. He’s received nods from some of dance music's biggest names including The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, and Martin Garrix; and shared stages with other incredible artists like Zomboy, Mija, and Le Youth, as well as massive performances at Club Space Miami and at Life in Color 2017. This is only the beginning.

Charlie Crown and FabFilter

"I’ve been using FabFilter plugins for nearly 10 years now and I’ve never looked back. I remember discovering the Pro-Q over 10 years ago and it forever changed the way I produce music. Now I use the Pro-Q 3 on literally every single channel because of its versatility and precision. It allows me to be meticulous and surgical in my mixing process and is always the best tool for the job. I sometimes even use it as a dynamic EQ for when I need to increase overall room for vocals in the mix. Frankly, there is no EQ more precise than the FabFilter Pro-Q 3."

"Other tools in my arsenal include FabFilter Pro-MB, Saturn and Pro-L 2. These three have consistently been utilized on nearly every track I’ve made in the last year. The Pro-MB is not only a great multiband compressor, but it’s an amazing expander, making it the perfect tool for when I not only want to control the low-end in my mix, but simultaneously want to bring more clarity and presence to my mid-range. Saturn is also an incredibly multi-faceted and sound design tool. In addition to its primary function as a saturation plug-in, its creative and modeling capabilities are nearly endless and always take my productions to new heights."

"Lastly, is the Pro-L 2. A true staple of my master chain because honestly, it’s simultaneously one of the cleanest and boldest limiters on the market. It's capacity to deeply adjust the gain without producing any distortion or directly affecting the dynamics and transients of the track makes the perfect finishing touch to any project I work on!"


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