Pedro Viñuela Romero

Pedro is a mastering engineer based in Valencia, Spain. He has been in the world of professional audio for more than 24 years and it has been ten years since he opened his own studio "Nexo 101 Mastering".

Since then he has mastered thousands of songs, from Pop, Rock to Techno and Hiphop. His way of working has put him as one of the best mastering engineers in Spain. In addition, he teaches audio engineering in several schools and do seminars and workshops throughout the country. He has collaborated with DJMag writing some audio articles and he wrote his "Guía de Supervivencia en el Home Studio", a guide for the home studio producer.

His studio has several high-end analog equipment but also the best plug-ins on the market, including the Pro-Q 3, Pro-MB and Pro-L 2 from Fabfilter.

Pedro Viñuela Romero and FabFilter

"When I used Pro-Q and Pro-MB for the first time, I felt like I was in heaven! Amazing GUI but top notch tone and sound. In my opinion, this plug-ins are right now the ones I use to as a standard reference to judge others."

"In my day to day basics, I use Pro-Q 3 for clean and surgical tone treatment, specially when I have harsh high mids. In dynamic mode, I select a wide Q in the 3 Khz and the plugin does his magic! The Pro-MB is used here a lot. Mainly for control the lows and for making a crushed song more dynamic. Finally, I use the Pro-L 2 as my last processor to cut those peaks and make it loud!"


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