Daniel Shores

Daniel Shores is a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer based in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Working primarily in classical and new music, Daniel has spent his career focussing on surround sound and immersive audio. With over 35 immersive audio releases, Daniel was the first American engineer to have a release in the Pure Audio Blu-Ray format. During his career Daniel has engineered over 200 albums, including Songs Of Orpheus by Monteverdi, Caccini, D'India & Landi which won the 2018 Grammy for Best Classical Solo Vocal Album. Besides that he won a Latin Grammy and had multiple Grammy nominations for Best Engineered Classical, Best Surround Sound and Best Immersive Albums.

Daniel works at Sono Luminus Studios in Virginia in a 100 year old converted church. Musicians have traveled from all over the world to track in the former sanctuary of the former church. Daniel is equally at home engineering on the road, working in numerous countries around the world and across the country with everything from soloists to full orchestras.

As an engineer he is always focused on capturing the sound of that performer in that moment and in that space. Working with primarily acoustic music, he is generally looking for the cleanest path possible, from the microphone to the end master. Everything is recorded in high-resolution, so the tools have to be transparent.

Daniel Shores and FabFilter

"As an adjunct professor, I have to admit it was a few students in my Mastering Techniques class that introduced me to FabFilter. I knew of the company and the stellar reputation, and this was the first time that I really was able to dive in and hear the results. I saw how fluid and intuitive it was in use. The thing that impressed me most were the plug-ins transparency. I recently started working with Pro-Q 3, and having used a number of plug-ins over the years, I was instantly sold on this being my new go to EQ."

"Also, as a matter of personal taste, I don't use much, if any, compression. This has always become a bit of frustration in the times that I do need some as I never found a plug-in I really liked. When I downloaded Pro-C 2 and tried it on a project I was working on for video I fell in love. For someone who doesn't like or use much compression, Pro-C 2 is the one for me."




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