Glenn Schick

Glenn Schick is originally from Queens, NYC, where he began his career as a musician playing guitar, bass, and keys with many NY artists. In NY while enrolled in college, Glenn studied electronic music with Herbert Deutch and Robert Moog, the developers of modern electronic synthesis. Glenn began his studio career working for early Rap and Dance music in NY, such as B Boy records in the South Bronx. Many “old school” records have his mark as engineer, producer, or musician.

In 1990, Glenn left NYC for “The Dirty South” (It would soon be). Upon arrival he did work for music documentaries for R.E.M. and Arrested Deveopment, and did audio post work at CNN. Seeing an opening in the market, Glenn opened “Glenn Schick Mastering” in 1994. Since then, he has since left his mark as chief mastering engineer on thousands of album releases in the last nineteen years. Many of them resulting in Platinum and Gold RIAA certification, Billboard top 10, and Grammy Nominations (including 2010 “Best Engineered Album”).

Some of his client list include Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Future, 2 Chainz, Drive By Truckers, Mastodon, Elton John, Widespread Panic, Miley Cyrus, Gladys Knight, Of Montreal, and Skid Row. Glenn is guest speaker at many schools including The Art Institute, The Terry Music Business Program at Georgia Tech, The SAE School, and The University of Trinidad and Tobago, and he's also an active member of the The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences or NARAS.

Glenn Schick and FabFilter

"I found out about the FabFilter line when I set up my mobile mastering rig a couple of years ago. I started to just kind of put together this system, based off of a laptop, based out of necessity of not loosing jobs when I was traveling. I wasn’t expecting it to be the new way I was going to work, but it’s kind of turned into that now and has made my old studio, and the old way of doing things, kind of not needed anymore. I work in a much different way than I did a year ago, or ten years ago, or twenty years ago."

"I was an analog guy since 1979, so I had to quiz my buddies that made great records to find out what current stuff sounded good. FabFilter came up in every conversation. I love the GUI and workflow with the FabFilter plugs."


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