Noah Georgeson

Noah Georgeson is a Grammy Award winning producer, engineer, and mixer known for his work with Natalie LaFourcade, Marlon Williams, Flo Morrissey, Devendra Banhart, iLe, Andy Shauf, Adam Green, The Strokes, Joanna Newsom, Cate Le Bon, Norah Jones, Dom La Nena, and Alice Phoebe Lou.

In 2017 he was nominated in three categories for the Canadian JUNO Music Awards for mixing Andy Shauf’s “The Party”. Noah won a Grammy Award in the category of Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album for mixing iLe’s debut album iLevitable. He also won a Latin Grammy Award for mixing Natalia LaFourcade’s Musas: Vol 1, which had a total of four nominations at the 18th Latin Grammy Awards, besides being nominated for ‘Best Latin Pop Album’ in the 2018 Grammy Awards. He recently worked with Norah Jones mixing "I Forgot" and "Falling", as well as Dom La Nena's forthcoming album. He also produced, engineered, and mixed Alice Phoebe Lou's new album entitled Paper Castles.

Noah Georgeson and FabFilter

"It's always a little sad when you get a session from an artist and you see that little greyed out box on the insert slot. It tells you "This is where there would be a cool plug-in, but, sorry, you don't have it". Over the last couple years, more and more often, those grey boxes were for FabFilter plugins. Eventually, I figured everyone must be onto something."

"My favourite is the EQ! I use FabFilter Pro-Q 3 on individual instruments and vocals. I use a broader, Pultec style hardware EQ on the stereo buss. I love to be able to see what's going on spectrally in the plug-in."

"My whole approach to mixing is to make things sound worse in interesting ways. So much of what's recorded these days sounds very nice, clean, and a little boring. EQ is my main tool for roughing up these tidy little digital recordings, and making them sonically interesting. With FabFilter Pro-Q 3 I'm able to do that more precisely and purposefully."

"I like the fact that the plugins aren't trying to pretend to be hardware. They're software, and they're not ashamed of it. They take advantage of what software can do that hardware can't. Also, there's none of that fake retro hardware aesthetic. It's always embarassing when your plugins look like they belong in a middle aged man's basement. Even if you are, in fact, a middle aged man in a basement."

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